Elliott provides a wide variety of tube installation supplies. Elliott delivers everything you need to get the job done, including tube expanders, rolling motors, end prep equipment, lubricants, and more.




tube expanders

Tube Expanders
Elliott designed and improved the tube expander as the original tube tool firm. Elliott produces tube expanders for various applications such as condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, firetube and water tube boilers, and sugar vacuum pans.

tube rolling motors

Tube Rolling Motors
Elliott offers a complete array of tube rolling equipment to meet your application requirements. Elliott offers electric and pneumatic tube rolling motors that extend tubes in the most demanding applications.

assisted rolling systems

Assisted Tube Rolling Systems
Elliott's three aided tube rolling methods are the Table Hawk, Rapid Hawk, and Monster Hawk. Each system has several features tailored to a particular industry application.

tube hole gauge

Tube Hole Gauges
Elliott's Tube Hole Gauges make it simple to correctly measure tube IDs and tube sheet holes in vessels such as heat exchangers, chillers, and surface condensers.

grooving tool

Grooving (Serrating) Tools
Elliott's GT Series Grooving Tools may be used manually to clean up existing grooves or in milling or drilling equipment to clean up OEM tube sheet thicknesses ranging from 9.5mm to 54.0mm.

tube end facer

Tube End Facers
Tube End Facers from the ETF Series are perfect for trimming heat exchangers, condensers, and chiller tubes to a precise projection after tube expansion.

tube pilots

Tube Pilots
Elliott's Tube Pilots are used in heat exchangers and surface condensers to guide replacement tubes through tube sheets and tube support plates.

electric torque controller

Electric Torque Controller
The ELC110220 is the first torque control with an Embedded Logic Controller that identifies and is compatible with automated and manual reverse rolling motors operating at 110V and 220V.

tube sheet brush

Tube Sheet Hole Brushes
The Tube Sheet Hole Brushes remove hard deposits from surface condensers and heat exchanger tube sheets, and supports plate holes.

handhole seat grinder

Hand Hole Seat Grinder
The Hand Hole Seat Grinder is air-powered, light, and convenient for refacing boiler header seats.

pneumatic hammer

Pneumatic Hammer
For removing tube stubs in heat exchangers or beading tubes in firetube boilers, Elliott's Pneumatic Hammer is the ideal instrument.

lubricant tool

Tool Lubricants
The Lubricants are designed to give exceptional lubrication in tube rolling and roll beading applications. When compared to frequently available lubricants, they will save time and money.


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