The range of couplings we offer includes Elign Geared couplings, Elflex Flexible couplings, Fluid couplings, Scoop controlled variable speed controlled fluid couplings, and torsion shaft couplings.

These couplings are highly regarded for their energy efficiency and require minimal maintenance, thereby extending the lifespan of the gearboxes and motors they drive.coupling 1

The engineering industry prefers our couplings due to their sturdy construction, simple design, and reliable operation even in demanding duty cycles. They find extensive use across multiple industries such as steel, rolling mills, heavy engineering, sugar, material handling, mining, coal, power, and more. These couplings are trusted for their ability to withstand challenging conditions and ensure smooth operation in diverse industrial applications.


  • Elflex Flexible Coupling
    Elflex Flexible Coupling
  • Elign Geared Coupling
    Elign Geared Coupling
  • Scoop Controlled Variable Speed Fluid Coupling
    Scoop Controlled Variable Speed Fluid Coupling