Elecon has now established itself as the largest gear manufacturer in Asia, offering integrated solutions for the complete value chain in Material Handling Systems.

loose gear

With a history that spans sixty-seven years, Elecon's business model encompasses a comprehensive range of engineering, construction, product sales, and services. This allows them to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions to their esteemed clients. Fueled by a vision to create a global presence in power transmission, Elecon has developed a range of products that rival the best in the industry in terms of quality and innovation.

Having been an industry leader for over six decades, Elecon's Material Handling Equipment division delivers high-quality products and services to core sector industries such as Power and Steel, Mines, Cement, Fertilizer, Ports, and Special Conveyors. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and their dedication to being the preferred choice in their field remains constant. Inclusive growth, community service, and environmental conservation are deeply ingrained in Elecon's values. They believe that while a livelihood is sustained by what one receives, a fulfilling life is built upon what one gives.


  • Spur Gear Wheel
    Spur Gear Wheel
  • Pinion Shaft
    Pinion Shaft
  • Double Helical Gear Wheel
    Double Helical Gear Wheel