We now cater to various industries such as material handling, sugar, marine, defense, cement, chemical, food, power, agriculture, and more.

Our planetary gearboxes are known for their modular design, high quality, energy efficiency, low noise, long service life, and ability to handle high radial loads. Moreover, they offer cost-effective pricing and excellent support. We provide a range of planetary gearboxes for different applications like vertical roller mill drive, bucket wheel drive, slew drive, roller press drives, and sugar mill drives, available with foot and shaft mounting options.


planetary gear

All our planetary gear units come in high-capacity ranges and maintain proven quality. These gear units not only offer a wide torque spectrum but also provide multiple options due to their readily available sizes. These planetary gear units are highly flexible and can be customized to meet specific requirements in various applications. They offer off-the-shelf solutions with advanced technology and expertise.


  • Planetary Gearbox for Sugar Mill
    Planetary Gearbox for Sugar Mill
  • Inline Planetary Gearbox
    Inline Planetary Gearbox
  • Vertical Roller Mill Drive Gearbox
    Vertical Roller Mill Drive Gearbox