Our helical and bevel helical gearboxes possess distinct characteristics such as exceptionally high torque output, silent operation, and a long lifespan.

These gearboxes are well-suited for various applications and can be adjusted to meet specific functional requirements. Our gearboxes feature a modular design and offer high power density, allowing for compact construction that saves space in industrial settings.helical

Our range of gearboxes, including helical, helical bevel, and spiral bevel types, can be easily customized to match industrial process parameters due to a wide selection of gear transmission ratios. The gearboxes exhibit high efficiency, ensuring an optimal drive system that meets the demanding industry standards. These helical gearboxes form a compact unit when combined with three-phase AC and servo motors. They are available in 3 and 4-stage designs, offering high torque and a wide range of gear ratios.

One significant advantage of helical-bevel gearboxes is their ability to facilitate precise and repeatable positioning movements, thanks to their high torsional stiffness and minimal backlash.


  • Cooling Tower Gearbox
    Cooling Tower Gearbox
  • Extruder Gearbox
    Extruder Gearbox
  • Crane Duty Gearbox
    Crane Duty Gearbox