Worm gearboxes have gained worldwide recognition as the industry standard.

Our success is attributed to our unwavering commitment to quality and utilization of state-of-the-art technology, all while offering worm gearboxes at affordable prices. Our worm gearbox stands out as the preferred choice in the industry due to its high flexibility, offering a wide range of mounting options, shaft configurations, and motor interfaces. Additionally, the helical-worm and double-worm versions, with or without a torque limiter, enhance its versatility, making it a highly adaptable drive system.worm


Our worm gearboxes deliver high torque with a low-speed gear ratio. Their simple and compact design allows them to achieve higher gear ratios compared to helical gears. These worm reduction gears possess screw-like characteristics similar to helical gears, although their helix angle is typically larger, and their body is elongated in the axial direction. The gears in these gearboxes can have either a right or left-handed orientation, depending on the specific application.

Mounting options for worm gearboxes include universal housing, side flanges, foot (horizontal and vertical) mounting, and shaft mounting with a torque arm. They are available with solid shafts (single or double), with the option of a torque arm or torque limiter.


  • Heavy Duty Stirrer Unit
    Heavy Duty Stirrer Unit
  • Worm Gear Small Series
    Worm Gear Small Series
  • Double Reduction Gear
    Double Reduction Gear