Our gearboxes have been the product of collaboration with M/S Wind Master of Belgium to manufacture wind turbine gearboxes with capacities of 55 kW, 250 kW, and 300 kW.


A wind turbine serves the purpose of converting kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy drives a rotor, which, in conjunction with a gearbox, powers a motor to generate electricity. The wind turbine gearbox plays a crucial role in increasing the rotational speed of the slow-moving rotor to a higher speed required by the motor for efficient electricity generation. Gearboxes with ratios of 1:36 and 1:17 are employed to elevate the rotor's 42 RPM to 1550 RPM and 1031 RPM on the generator side.

Designing and manufacturing a reliable wind turbine gearbox entails numerous challenges due to the harsh operating and environmental conditions it encounters. The substantial torque exerted by the rotor places significant force on the entire drivetrain when transferring mechanical movement to the gearbox. Therefore, the turbine gearbox must be engineered to withstand these immense loads, ensuring the internal components endure minimal wear and enabling longer preventive maintenance cycles while averting costly breakdowns.


  • Medium Wind Turbine Gearbox
    Medium Wind Turbine Gearbox
  • Small and Medium Wind Turbine Gearbox
    Small and Medium Wind Turbine Gearbox
  • High-Capacity Wind Turbine Gearbox
    High-Capacity Wind Turbine Gearbox