Premium Donaldson Blue® Clean Solutions filters provide unsurpassed cleanliness in a single pass. They are perfect for inlet and outlet filtration applications. Their spin-on design enables fast and simple filter changes without special tools and provides greater protection from contamination during service than traditional cartridge style filters.

Donaldson Blue bulk fluid filters incorporate our best technology and construction to handle all fuels and lubricants in all operating environments. Donaldson Electrostatic Reduction Technology (D.E.R.T.™) prevents filter media damage from electrostatic discharge. Epoxy is used in filter construction for increased fluid compatibility. E-coating provides maximum corrosion resistance and epoxy adhesion. fluorocarbon o-rings provide reliable sealing and maximum fluid compatibility.


  • Highly efficient, state-of-the-art filter media and design
  • Unsurpassed filter efficiency
  • Cleans to target ISO cleanliness in a single pass
  • Modular design can be configured for virtually any flow rate or usage level
  • Fast and easy to service


  • Single pass filtration for clean fluid transfers
  • High efficiency kidney looping
  • Inlet and outlet filtration at bulk storage tanks
  • Dispenser “polishing” filtration on fuel pumps and hose reels
  • Mobile and stationary applications