• Automatic Riding Ring Lubrication

    The fully automated lubrication system enables a precise, metered lubricant spray to the contact area. A sensor counts the gaps and controls the spray impulses. The number of cycles is adjustable, and a distance of up to 1 meter can be accommodated between the spray nozzle and the lubrication point.

  • Dual-Line Lubrication Systems

    Dual-line systems deliver a precise, measured amount of oil to up to 2 000 lubrication locations over lengths of up to 120 meters (131 yards) and beyond. Dual-line systems offer enough lubrication for the remainder of the system's lubrication points, even if one pair of outlets inside one metering device becomes clogged. Lubricant volume can be metered separately for each pair of outlets and visibly or electrically monitored.

  • Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

    For demanding applications in nearly all industries
    Multi-line pump units supply lubricant to lubrication points without extra metering devices. Thus, each lubrication point has its pumping element. The system design is simple, accurate, and reliable. Multi-line pumps can be actuated mechanically, electrically, or hydraulically. The easily exchangeable pumping elements are usually operated by eccentric cam. Selecting pumping elements with different piston diameters and stroke settings allows an individual lubrication volume setting per pump outlet.

  • Oil Circulation Lubrication Systems

    The oil cools bearings and gearboxes while flushing impurities from friction spots. They are designed to cool and lubricate severely strained bearings in virtually any machine size. SKF CircOil systems provide customized and turnkey solutions for flow rates ranging from 0.01 to 3,000 l/min. Easy to maintain and have a modular design that allows for easy expansion.

  • Oil Conditioning Unit

    This is a compact plug & play unit for existing oil circulation systems.

  • Progressive Lubrication Systems

    For small to medium-sized machines that require continuous lubrication, progressive systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the pump is in operation. 

  • Simalube 15ml

    The smallest automatic lubricator

    The 15 ml simalube is the ideal option for restricted situations. It is the smallest automated lubricator on the global market due to its modest size. It performs the same activities as the bigger simalube lubricators and provides the same benefits.

  • Simalube Multipoint

    Automatic multi-point lubricator
    The Simalube multi-point lubricates 5 points at once for up to a year in the same dependable manner as the other renowned simalube lubricators. When simalube multi-point runs out, it may be simply and rapidly changed thanks to the snap-on attachment. Various oils and greases can be used to fill the lubricators.

  • simalube®

    simalube® lubricators, which come in five different sizes, are suitable for any single-point lubricating task with grease or oil. They can be used in various applications with many other greases and oils.

  • simalube® Impulse Connect

    The simalube® IMPULSE connect is the latest generation of pressure booster from the simalube family. The proven functions of the IMPULSE have been supplemented with the option of connecting the device to a smartphone via Bluetooth®

  • Single-Line Lubrication Systems

    Single-Line lubrication systems can service a single machine, many zones on a single unit, or even multiple machines. Regardless of the application, a central pump station automatically distributes lubricant to the lubricant measuring device through a single supply line. Each metering device is dedicated to a single lubrication point and may be modified to give the exact amount of grease or oil needed.

  • Spring Greasers

    We offer Adams' two types of spring-operated greasers, fixed-flow rate and adjustable flow rate greasers, for greasers in areas where it is difficult to access or where constant pressure is required.

  • Subscription-Based Automatic Lubrication System

    Ensure the right amount of lubricant, at the right time and place for your equipment, without the need for capital investment.