• Automatic High Flow 10 or 15 m · Ø3/4" · 1 "

    The Automatic High flow 10 OR 15 M · Ø3/4" · 1 " features automatic rewind, spring-driven hose-reel with adjustable arms, in painted steel, suitable for hoses of max. 15 m (Ø3/4” hose) or 10 m (Ø1” hose).

  • Automatic Pump Stop Kit

    The "Automatic Stop" Kit is adaptable to any kind of pump and comes standard on GESPASA pumps. The kit is simple to set up and does not result in any head loss, according to the company behind them.

  • MG-80A · Mechanical Aluminum 15-90 L/min · ±1%

    The MG-80A is designed for personal use. In terms of material quality and reliability, the meter security is set by EC directive standards and confirmed by quality controls of top industry enterprises.

  • PA-80 Automatic 80 L/min

    PA-80 Automatic 80 L/min features an ergonomic design and flow regulation with a position as maximum and automatic cut.




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