Refueling nozzles from Banlaw feature the best flow rate reliability and a proven safety record.

Our nozzles won't 'fly off,' thanks to the reliable ball locking mechanism, and the Dry Break design prevents leaks and spills. Our nozzles are mostly made of metal, which significantly extends their functional life. A worldwide network of Authorized Nozzle Repairers ensures that quick and cost-effective repair and refurbishing services are always available, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership.

The Banlaw Dry Break nozzles eliminates the possibility of gasoline leaks while refueling, as well as fuel-related slides and fire hazards. Ground-stored hoses are also made safer by fitting loading arms, nozzle holsters, and nozzle anchors.

The Banlaw Dry Break Nozzle can be repaired rather than replaced. They are more durable and last much longer in the field. Banlaw Dry Break Fittings are less expensive in the long term since they are supported by qualified repairers all over the world.

Flow Rates

800 Series nozzles Flow Rate:

90-800lpm (24-211gpm)

1000 Series nozzles Flow Rate:

400-1000lpm (106-264gpm)

Underground Nozzle Flow Rate:

30-300lpm (8-79gpm)