• Conveying Chains & Modular Plastic Belts

    Our conveyor chains are engineered to high quality and performance standards. Wear resistance, mechanical strength, operating temperature and coefficient of friction are all important considerations.

  • Flat Wire

    Ashworth began manufacturing flat wire conveyor belts in 1951, and they are still among the most versatile and most economical straight-running belts available.

  • High Density Mesh

    • Patented Intermediate Loop Design

    • Ideal Surface When Product Support or Retention are Critical

    • Reduced Belt Weight Allows for Increased Throughput

    • Enhanced Airflow for Shorter Dwell Times

    • Available on ¾ and 1-inch pitch Omni-Grid® 360 Weld Belts

  • Modular Plastic Belts

    Modular Plastic Belts provide the capability for wider conveying surfaces in addition to increased load ratings versus chain. Our broad offering of standard and heavy duty models provide a multitude of product conveying solutions.

  • Omni-Flex

    Reliable turn and spiral performance

    Originally developed from straight-running flat wire conveyor belts, Omni-Flex belts are spiral and turn curve metal belts that have been delivering consistent, dependable performance since 1959. Constructed with slotted pickets, Omni-Flex belts make right and left hand turns, as well as run straight.

  • Omni-Pro

    The Evolutionary Stainless Steel Spiral Conveyor Belt. Combining High Tension Ratings with Maximum Service Life. 

    Patented heavy duty protective links combined with oversized stainless steel rods make Omni-Pro the strongest, most reliable spiral and turn curve conveyor belt available on the market today. Omni-Pro is also especially hygienic, due to its open all-steel construction and its unique 360° welds. Providing a combination of benefits unmatched by the competition, Omni-Pro is the definitive high performance stainless steel spiral conveyor belt!

  • PosiDrive Spiral

    The positive drive concept of the PosiDrive Spiral® keeps belt tensions low which helps increase belt life and allows for increased product load capacity. The PosiDrive Spiral system from Ashworth allows product dwell time to be easily set using a simplified single speed control and is offered for various cage configurations, making it an ideal solution for new spiral systems.

  • SpiralFlow

    • 65% open area provides excellent airflow

    • Unique load sharing design improves strength

    • 12% product contact area reduces condensation

    • Lighter belt with high beam strength increases throughput

    • Easy to clean link rod interface reduces sanitation cost

    • Ideal for cooling & freezing of large food products

  • SpiralSurf

    • Optimum support for delicate products

    • Unique load sharing design improves strength

    • Fewer support rails due to increased beam strength

    • Easy to clean link rod interface reduces sanitation cost

    • Curved surface available for easy product release

  • Sprockets & Idlers - FlatTop Chain and Modular Plastic

    Molded and machined FlatTop sprockets available in a variety of teeth and bore sizes. They are also offered for all plastic chain and modular plastic belt products. Our products are designed to help our customers increase their productivity and improve their working environment.