The VIBER X4™ is a cutting-edge route-based vibration analyzer designed for enhanced condition monitoring and top-notch accuracy.

 Some of the features that Viber X4 can proudly offer

  • Predict equipment failures before they occur
    • Troubleshoot equipments and discover the cause of problem
    • Inspect equipment during maintenance to confirm a successful repair
    • Ensure correct installation of equipments
    • Easy to operate by logic functions, saves time to get started
    • Flexible with many functions
    • Ability to choose your own language
    • Bright high-resolution display makes it easy to see perfect results even in bright conditions
    • Record wave time signal, up to 5 minutes
    • Quickly charge the battery up to 80% within two hours even in the car
    • 32 GB of memory that guarantees enough space for your data
    • Rugged and tight (IP 65)
    • Best price-performance ratio

SpectraPro, PC software for sophisticated vibration analysis, is developed to interact with VIBER X4™.
• Create routes and set alarm levels
• Simple database structure with templates and pictures
• Large bearing database (over 9000 pcs) where defect frequencies can be calculated and automatically analyzed
• Quick view, store your own array of windows for fast viewing
• Waterfall, last 5 spectra or choose your own
• Automatic reports, generate probable fault causes and several reports with just a a click of a button