VIBER X1 ™ measures the effective velocity (mm/s RMS)in the frequency range 2–maximum frequency. This range covers most of the frequencies that will occur for the majority of mechanical failures and imperfections. Examples are balance, looseness, resonance, misalignment of shafts and gears, cavitations, and other fl uid-generated vibrations. The judgments of the measured levels are supported by several vibration standards.

VIBER X1 ™  is a fully analog instrument that is a development of the well-known Viber (A). It has a built-in charger, configurable frequency ranges, and a replaceable accelerometer (BNC connection), it's as simple and dependable as its predecessor. Measurements are extremely precise, down to the second, and the frequency range is altered by pressing a button.


  • Total level (mm/s RMS) and bearing condition.
    •  Easy to use, start and measure.
    •  Dust-and waterproof, for use under tough conditions (IP 65).
    •  Interchangeable accelerometer with cable
    •  Selectable frequency ranges.
    •  Analog instruments with high measurement accuracy and reliability.
    •  Provides a good security in assessing when a piece of equipment need to be addressed.