• ATR Analyser: Oil and Fuel Condition Monitoring Instrument

    The ATR is a benchtop device that employs the science of Attenuated Total Reflectance (IR Spectroscopy) to eliminate the anomaly of crew errors during re-agent mixing or sample size.

  • Cold Corrosion Test Kit

    The Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil are measured in parts per million (PPM) using the Parker Kittiwakes patent Cold Corrosion Test Kit. Knowing the PPM enables more informed judgments when adjusting feed rates and the oil's Base Number (BN).

  • Cold Corrosion Test Kit

    Parker Kittiwakes patent Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a quick, simple to use chemical test that provides an accurate measure of the parts per million (PPM) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil. Rather than simply giving a figure for the total iron (including metallic compounds), which other tests provide, knowing the specific PPM of corroded iron allows informed decisions to made in adjustments to feed rates and the Base Number (BN) of the oil used. The quick test (<5 minutes per cylinder) allow rapid analysis of the whole engine. No long waiting periods are required to obtain accurate measurements. Coupled with tests to measure the metallic content (such as Parker Kittiwakes LinerSCAN or Analex Alert), the cause of high levels of iron can accurately be determined. High Iron levels caused by scuffing incidents or Catalytic Fines in bunker fuels can be isolated from cold corrosion issues. Conversely, corrosion caused by sulphuric acid corrosion of the liners can be isolated from other wear mechanisms in the cylinder chamber.

  • DIGI Field Test Kit

    The DIGI Field Kit is a full set of low-cost testing equipment suitable for everyday analysis. These oil test kits enable condition monitoring, allowing the user to make knowledgeable decisions concerning key equipment. Out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can be detected early on before they become essential.

  • DIGI Field Test Kit

    Parker Kittiwake's DIGI Field Kit provides a complete set of economically priced testing equipment, offering a level of accuracy suited for routine analysis. These oil test kits provide condition monitoring that allows the user to make informed operational and maintenance decisions about critical equipment. The ability to test on-site at the point of use enables engineers and facilities managers to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical. The DIGI Field Kit allows for a wide range of monitoring, using the tests individually or combined.

  • PAMAS S40

    Portable particle counting instrument for oil-based liquids


    The PAMAS S40 AVTUR is a portable particle counter for the analysis of turbine fuels, petrol and diesel.