VibWorks Collector is a powerhouse solution engineered to set new speed, decision-making, and innovation benchmarks.


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Unprecedented Speed at Your Fingertips

Analyze machines running at conventional speeds with remarkable speed – a mere 5 seconds per point. Efficiency meets precision, and analysis reaches new heights with the speed prowess of VibWorks Collector.

Empower Decision-Making with the Right Tool

Decisions shape outcomes, and VibWorks Collector ensures you have the right tool. Increase asset uptime, protect investments, and maintain seamless operations with a device that transcends conventional capabilities. Make informed decisions that resonate with the vibrancy of your operations.

Innovative Features Redefining Vibration Analysis

VibWorks Collector isn't only a tool; it's an innovation powerhouse. Real-time audio from vibration sensors provides a unique auditory perspective to your data. An embedded digital camera enhances manual process trending parameters and enables machine recognition through a barcode reader. Witness the future of vibration analysis with features that push the boundaries of innovation.

Auto Sync/Server for Seamless Data Management

Connectivity is critical, and VibWorks Collector understands the importance of data synchronization. Share all data between VibWorks collections, facilitating centralization and backup operations. Sync your valuable data with a network or cloud server provided by Le Price International, ensuring your data is accessible and secure.

Redefine your approach to vibration analysis with unparalleled speed, informed decision-making, and cutting-edge features. Elevate your operations with VibWorks Collector – where speed meets precision and innovation meets impact. Step into a new era of vibration analysis excellence today!


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