The Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil are measured in parts per million (PPM) using the Parker Kittiwakes patent Cold Corrosion Test Kit. Knowing the PPM enables more informed judgments when adjusting feed rates and the oil's Base Number (BN).

The Cold Corrosion Test Kit pairs well with Parker Kittiwakes BN test kits and metallic wear debris meters. A maximum cold corrosion number of 200PPM is recommended by most OEMs. To ensure low wear levels, this should be kept below 100PPM within the engine. When combined with additional onboard testing suggested by engine OEMs, an accurate picture of the operating conditions may be swiftly obtained.

• Excellent correlation between field measurements and lab Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) results (see graph)
• Monitors products of corrosion that cannot be detected magnetically
• Provides early warning that cold corrosion is underway
• Gives a running commentary on internal corrosion as the operator adjusts the cylinder liner jacket temperature or oil feed rate
• When used in conjunction with the Parker Kittiwake LinerSCAN, it is possible to monitor abrasive and corrosive wear independently
• Each test is simple, cost effective and quick (<5 minutes) to complete