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Fuel and lube contamination eventually leads to equipment failure, causing more downtime and lost productivity, while spoilage leads to increased overall cost. With fluctuating prices for both fuel and lube, it is imperative to have efficient consumption of these resources while avoiding contamination and spoilage.

With LP SOLUTIONS' Storage and Handling Solutions, do away with wasteful practices of handling fuel and lubes with a system that is custom fit to your operational needs. Hasten your service intervals, eliminate contamination and spoilage, and increase turnaround time during servicing with color coded storage, portable transfer pumps with filtration, hose and cable management, precise monitoring and reporting methods, and various check systems.

In addition, LP SOLUTIONS also designs state-of-the-art fuel and lube trucks to dispense different types of fluids for field equipment in harsh operating environments such as earthmoving euipment in mine sites. Make refilling more convenient so your critical equipment continue to perform efficiently.

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