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Lubrication is applied to both fixed and mobile equipment to avoid machine wear due to  friction and premature bearing failures - 50% of which is due to contamination and poor lubrication. However, machine and manpower availability, along with production cycles, determine the interval when the machines are lubricated. The installation of centralized lubrication systems addresses this problem while also reducing maintenance costs. This allows your machines to be lubricated with the right lubricant, in the right amount at the right time.

LP SOLUTIONS carry the most comprehensive range of turnkey solutions from semi-automatic bearing dosing systems and gear spray system to fully autuomated bearing lubrication systems. These ensure that machines will have increased reliability and yield goor productivity for your operations.

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Whether you are using drive and linear motion systems in your plant production line or are a machine builder wishing to offer your customers the most reliable equipment possible, it is critical to recognize the importance of the through-life cost of your gearboxes and geared motors.

With a wide range of gearboxes of various sizes and standard motors compatible with most OEMs, you are sure to have one that fits your requirement. Backed with LP SOLUTIONS' Gearbox Solutions through our condition-based monitoring program, eliminate more than 50% of problems due to misalignment, bearing failures, and contamination.

Get a combination of rugged reliability, maximum lifespan, and a user-friendly design enabling easy maintenance and ensuring that the equipment is easy to live with, giving you peace of mind and allowing to focus on the important areas of your day to day business.


Clean Oil

Contamination of system oils and fluids are major culprits of machine wear that result in high maintenance costs. As the life and blood of machines, it is imperative to ensure proper maintenance of oil for the health of your equipment, cost efficiency of your maintenance program, and sustainability of your operations.

LP SOLUTIONS provides a comprehensive range of solutions from contaminant exclusion units to turnkey offline filtration and services. With a high dirt holding capacity and the ability to simultaneously remove various contaminants such as dirt, water, wear particle and all degradation products, optimal oil performance is guaranteed.

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Mobile equipment play an integral role in production outputs, development, infrastructure, and economic growth for the various industries they serve. As valuable assets, it is imperative to ensure that these machines are working to their optimal performance while maximizing their cost of ownership.

LP SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of programs to best manage and protect your investment on heavy mobile equipment. With Mobile Equipment Solutions, learn more about industry best practices and start improving the efficiency and prioritizing the safety of your mobile equipment.

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Predictive measures and root cause analysis are the best practices in managing your assets. Be in the know with LP SOLUTIONS' condition-based monitoring program.

LP SOLUTIONS is your ultimate partner for predictive maintenance:

  • Ultrasound technology to detect early warnings of mechanical failure, locate arcing, tracking, and corona, and detect all types of leaks
  • Vibration monitoring for all applications - from routine detection to exceptional analysis and continuous monitoring
  • Oil analysis for machine and oil condition monitoring

Partnered with laser alignment technology for precise alignment of shafts, get more production from your equipment and reduce your maintenance costs with LP SOLUTIONS.

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Fuel and lube contamination eventually leads to equipment failure, causing more downtime and lost productivity, while spoilage leads to increased overall cost. With fluctuating prices for both fuel and lube, it is imperative to have efficient consumption of these resources while avoiding contamination and spoilage.

With LP SOLUTIONS' Storage and Handling Solutions, do away with wasteful practices of handling fuel and lubes with a system that is custom fit to your operational needs. Hasten your service intervals, eliminate contamination and spoilage, and increase turnaround time during servicing with color coded storage, portable transfer pumps with filtration, hose and cable management, precise monitoring and reporting methods, and various check systems.

In addition, LP SOLUTIONS also designs state-of-the-art fuel and lube trucks to dispense different types of fluids for field equipment in harsh operating environments such as earthmoving euipment in mine sites. Make refilling more convenient so your critical equipment continue to perform efficiently.

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For long-term durability and cost-effectiveness, conveyor set-ups must be customized to a particular environment’s mix of product materials, chemicals, and conditions. With LP SOLUTIONS, get conveyor belts and parts suitable to your application needs.

Our range includes:

  • Conveyor Chain
  • Modular Belt
  • Wire Mesh Belt
  • Conveyor Components
  • Bearing Supports
  • Leveling Pads
  • Structural Components
  • Conveyor Solutions

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LP SOLUTIONS offers a wide range of instruments and specialty tools for a better and safer maintenance practice:

  • Bearing handling tools for fast installation and removal of roller bearings and radial shift seals
  • Tube tools for installation, cleaning, removal, and other requirements
  • Tool sets for various applications, engineered to withstand critical applications and harsh working conditions

For any tools requirement, be sure to check with LP SOLUTIONS first for quality instruments and tools that will last long and get the job done.

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